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Lack of exercise over a long period of time inevitably leads to changes in our bodies. These include shortening of muscles, shortening of affected tendons, and hardening of the surrounding fascia. What is the reason?

When we stop performing certain movements, we signal to our brain that these movements are no longer needed. Thus, the brain controls unused movement radii or sequences to atrophy and dissolve over time. This is of course a long process, but the first signs can be seen after a relatively short time. 

So our muscles remain in a rigid position and shorten in such a way that they usually can no longer contract fully. The tendons shorten as well, ending in very poor flexibility. This phenomenon will be very familiar to many of you, when you suddenly feel unstretched or immobile. Are you still able to get your hands on the ground while standing, or can you already see the first signs here?

The affected fasciae around the muscles also harden in the new, rigid position and thus also still have a strong influence on the negative development. 

Consult a Medical Professional

Before beginning any exercises provided on this website, it is advised to consult a health professional, such as a physical therapist or chiropractor.

The exercise instruction and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a physician or doctor.


Anatomically, there is very often the interaction of two muscles or muscle groups to create a certain balance in our body. We call them agonist and antagonist or player and opponent. Examples of this are the biceps and triceps, through which you can extend and bend your arm. Or the front and back thigh muscles. However, it goes into much deeper layers and especially more unknown muscles, which also have a great influence. It is here that we would like to help you and reveal them. 

This system leads to the fact that one of them suffers extremely when the other changes because the balance can no longer be maintained. Lack of movement and the resulting shortening of the muscles thus leads in the second step to the fact that the antagonist also suffers from the situation and usually has to stretch extremely in order to somehow still hold the system together. This tension, exhaustion and overstimulation of the antagonist's muscles in most cases leads to our pain, which can appear in a wide variety of body parts. Why? Because the affected muscles over-acidify from exhaustion and begin to burn. 

For us, this realization was groundbreaking because it suddenly became so logical how to fix our problems. We just need to understand the anatomy of the body and use that to explain the pain. The next step is then the logical action, which in the first step consists of stretching.

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Our solution concept consists first of all in intensifying and, above all, enlarging our everyday movements and stretching the agonist. It is actually quite logical: if your muscles and tendons shorten and thus cause pain in the antagonist, we just need to loosen up, lengthen and get those very muscles and tendons moving again so that the antagonist is no longer overstrained. The less the antagonist has to work, the more recovery time it gets, the less likely it is to over-acidify, and consequently the less pain we have.

This is the cycle that we need to set in motion and you can start with our concept and with the exercises on our website. Through targeted stretching, we bring our entire posture back to a normal form as it was originally intended, thus eliminating imbalances and malfunctions. When this is done and you will feel less pain in your body very quickly, you can start targeted muscle building if that is your desire. However, our main concern is our health and to have a flexible and healthy body until old age.


We hope that in time you will be able to understand our approach and that the exercises will help you as much as they have helped us. However, you must not forget: our everyday life still consists mostly of many hours in a sedentary position or lack of movement. That's what our jobs often entail, and it's often not something that can be changed permanently. So the goal should not be to be completely pain-free every day, but to build up a good body feeling, which shows you current grievances, so that you can directly take countermeasures. We have managed to feel more vital and almost pain-free. For this, it is enough to focus 30 minutes every day on your body and to perform certain exercises for problem areas. You actually feel younger and more agile. But don't worry, even if you don't have 30 minutes or can't take the time every day. There are many exercises on our website that will take you very little time and still bring a great effect already. Try to work on yourself and your body at least three times a week so that you feel a positive development in the long run.

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