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Hi, we are Johannes and Matthias from Germany!

We are glad that you are interested in our exercises and maybe want to improve your body and your health together with us!

We would proudly say that we found what we were looking for and that is exactly the reason for this website. We want to share our information because it´s so important to tell the people: there is an easy solution! We have found that a large part of all the pain in the body that comes with age is due to lack of exercise and incorrect posture. Our site is not here to teach you the usual fitness or stretching routines, no, we want to help you understand how most sufferings come from and what you can do about them on your own to get rid of them while setting yourself up for the future. So we're pain-focused and we will not go too detailed into general fitness. 

Even in our research, we kept coming across the classic fitness channels, which mainly talk about muscle growth and dieting. This is also important and helps many people, but the core of many physical pains does not lie in a deficient musculature. On the contrary, we need to correct our posture before we can start targeted muscle building. Anything else often leads to even more damage. Therefore, please take the time to understand the basic system and perform the exercises cleanly in a proper regularity. You will be amazed what happens to your body.

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